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A Personalized Wood Watch - The Perfect Gift!

Posted by Tmbr on

It’s that time again…another holiday, event or celebration that warrants a genuine and thoughtful gift….for the person who already has EV.ERY.THING. WHAT do you get them? There’s a simple solution. Purchase a customized real wood watch, the perfect gift made from only the highest quality materials. From the genuine leather straps to the scratch resistant sapphire glass, all styles of Tmbr watches were designed for everyday use and to mold seamlessly into your daily lifestyle. The recipient will be thanking you endlessly.

So, how do we customize? Using our laser engraver, Tmbr has the capabilities to add a personalized engraving to the back of our watch faces for each and every one of our watch styles. You can give your friend, your spouse, your daughter, your mother, your brother, your co-worker or boss (if you’re into that), or anyone else you love and care about a memorable and lasting gift that can be used daily. We are able to engrave up to 25 characters (remember, spaces and punctuation do count!), so if you want to engrave a quote, a phrase, a nickname, an anniversary date, or even an inside joke we should easily be able to accommodate. The thing I love about our engraved watches is even if you purchase one for someone who is not typically into monogrammed or personalized products, it’s extremely hard, if not impossible to not love this product customized. Why? Because the message is personal, yet discrete and not in your face which makes it functional beautifully for both the flashiest and most simple styled humans.

Tmbr carries four different watch styles all of which are unisex. Check out our newest style, The Spruce, our most popular style The Helm, our multifunctional watch The Mill, and the woodsiest and largest faced watch of all, The Burly. Each style comes in at least three and up to six color and material combinations so you can be just as picky and choosy as you like. Each style is unique, containing wood, leather and metal components. No watch is exactly alike due to the variances in wood grain.

So, if you have a holiday, special occasion, or celebration coming up, please check out our customized wood watches as they are meaningful, functional, thoughtful and overall the perfect gift!

If you have any questions whatsoever regarding our customized wood watches, don’t hesitate to send us a message to tmbrservice@gmail.com and we will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

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