12 Best Gifts For Dad From Daughter or Son He Will Love

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What gift do you give the guy that has everything? That’s a good question. Sometimes it is hard enough to come up with gift ideas to give others to buy for you, let alone come up with a gift idea for someone that has done a lot for you like changing tons of diapers or paying for your college to name a few.

You can take the easy route and just get him a gift card with a nice note or surprise him with something a little more special. On a yearly basis you are most likely looking to buy him at least 3 separate gifts; Father’s Day, birthday, Christmas. Saving the gift card and heartfelt note for a last minute gift might be the way to go, or you can use 2 of the items below to fill in the gaps for the other big days.

Best Gifts For Dad From Daughter or Son

We tried to keep this list as broad as possible to work for all types of dads, but since you are his son or daughter, they will all put a smile on his face. If there is a question before about who is the “favorite” child, then hopefully this list of Dad gifts will move you right to the top.

Here are the 12 Best Gifts For Dad From Daughter or Son:

  1. Wash His Car/Truck. A freshly washed car or truck puts a smile on anyone’s face, especially if the inside is detailed as well. Not only will your dad love this because it is clean and looks good, it will clear up an hour or two on a Saturday or Sunday that he can spend on the golf course or fiddling around in his garage.

  2. Car Wash - Gifts For Dad From Daughter or Son

  3. Iron All of His Work Shirts. Only attempt this if you know what you are doing and familiar with an iron. He wont like a yellow burn on his white or light blue shirt that he wears to work every week. If you don’t have the time or don’t feel comfortable with the iron, drop them off at the dry-cleaners to get cleaned and pressed. This one will for sure win you points.

  4. Iron Shirts - Gifts For Dad From Daughter or Son

  5. Wallet. We have all seen the typical dad wallet that is stuffed with receipts from 2 years ago, some crinkled up cash, and a loyalty card from every store he has been into. Help him out and get him a new wallet that will help him organize the mess and slim his wallet.

  6. Omaha Steaks. Now unless your dad is a vegetarian, he is going to like a good quality steak or beef patty delivered right to his door. You can let him cook it though, because there is nothing worse than an overcooked piece of high quality meat.

  7. Round of Golf. A guilt free round of 9 or 18 holes (with a cart of course) is on his list of what he wants for every gift even if he doesn’t vocalize it. This is a safe bet if you want to keep this gift as a recurring gift that maybe you do every year for his birthday. He’d enjoy the company and quality time.

  8. Golf - Gifts For Dad From Daughter or Son

  9. Wood Watch. Rugged yet stylish, one of Tmbr's wooden watches can be customized with a personal message. You can easily put a funny dad joke that he is always saying to try to get a laugh, nickname, or date to remember. A personalized wood watch for dad is a great gift with just the right amount of detail that shows how much you care and keep in mind this is something your dad is going to use and see everyday.

  10. Wood Watch - Gifts For Dad From Daughter or Son

  11. Tickets To His Favorite Sports Team. Depending on the time of year and when his favorite sports team is playing, this could be a great surprise out of left field (see what we did there) that he might have not be expecting. Include the tickets with a jersey of his favorite player or some cash for drinks and food at the game.

  12. Dock Station. You may not know what this is but they are increasing in popularity. It’s a great place to keep all your daily gear that you are carrying with you. Store your phone, wallet, keys and apple watch in one area so he doesn’t lose them. He is getting older and probably has a hard time remembering where he last left something and this could help him out in more ways than one.

  13. Take Him On A Trip. This is another great gift that you can enjoy together. If you are away at college, maybe you could meet somewhere in the middle for a long weekend, pay for his travel to come visit, or go somewhere that you both have never been before. Quality time and being spontaneous are a good combination for creating memories.

  14. Trip - Gifts For Dad From Daughter or Son

  15. Coupons. This works great whether you are younger or older and don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on gifts. Create 10 coupons that your dad can use at the time of his choosing. For example, a coupon to take out the trash, clean his golf clubs, or fold his laundry would be great. Be careful what you put on the coupons, he will use them.

  16. Custom Yeti Rambler. Create a customized Yeti Rambler that he can use everyday. Put a personalized message or logo and even choose a color that matches his favorite sports team. What is great about this gift is that it will be used everyday and will be a constant reminder of the great gift that you got him.

  17. Cozy Slippers. Help keep his feet warm while hiding his stinky feet around the house. A new pair of slippers goes a long way and is a great gift to give around the holidays or if his birthday is in the colder months.

Keep in mind that whatever gift that you decide to give to your dad for Father’s Day, birthday, or Christmas, the more time and thought you put into his gift the more he is going to love it. Make it special but even if you do decide to get him a gift card and note, his is still going to love you no matter what.

Good Luck!