12 Reasons To Spend Your Summer Outdoors

Posted by Sharice on

The summer is about to come to a close believe it or not! I am always gloomy, almost depressed even, to see all the joys of the summer end as we head into fall. Thinking back on my most memorable times this summer, they all include time in the outdoors. So I’m here to give you 12 reasons your summer should be spent outdoors. Even if you didn’t do so hot at getting outside much this year, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare and plan for outdoor adventures next summer.

Increased Relaxation & Decreased Stress

Sitting by the beach staring at the waves, riding a bike, laying by the poolside, walking around in the mountains…all of these outdoor activities have been found (through research) to be helpful in clearing the mind, reducing stress and releasing endorphins. So go out and find your happy place!

Increase Vitamin D

This is a free vitamin given to us from the sun! Few foods contain vitamin D and if they do, it’s not nearly what the body needs. Many studies now link vitamin D deficiencies to higher rates of cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and many other conditions. I’d rather spent a little time in the sun than get one of these diseases, wouldn’t you? (see

Deepen Your Skin Tone

For some of you this comes naturally, and for some gradually (ah-hem…me). For some of us it takes consistent little spurts of time in the sun to get sun kissed. However, doesn’t it feel good to be a little less pasty, and actually have a farmer’s tan? I sure think so.


Most things people do outside require some sort of movement whether it be gardening, enjoying a carnival, walking your dog or kayaking. So instead of pulling out that workout video, call up your friends and go enjoy the outside world while you burn some calories.


When it’s hotter than heck outside, why not retreat to the mountains where the air is cooler, fresher and you can be surrounded by amazing landscapes, firepits and friends? Plus, by default, sleeping in a confined space in some discomfort and staying up late allows you to really get to know your camp buddies.

Enjoy Your Neighbors

When we moved into our extremely outdated house 2 days before Christmas it was a glorious time for us; we were knocking down walls, making runs to the dump and freezing our butts off. In those first few months even though we were outside all the time, I met 2 people on my street, only seeing them once or twice very briefly. But now that it’s summertime everyone is out and about, walking their dogs, riding their bikes, kids on scooters and we’ve gotten to know our neighbors and we feel much more a part.


Again, time in the mountains. It’s FREE. The SMELL. You can usually choose to end the hike whenever you want (unless you’ve gotten cocky and gone WAY too far). And the destinations at the end of the hike are typically breathtaking. Win, win, win!

Increased Community Involvement

Most cities/towns have little celebrations going on throughout the summer, parades, fireworks, carnivals, 5k’s, rodeos, etc. Most are free, most, if not all are outside, and all allow you to get to know other folks in your community requiring little – no effort on your part; sign me up!


One of my absolute favorite things about summer is grilling. It’s easy cleanup, my house stays cool and it smells and tastes incredible. Nuf said.

Increased Immunity

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors improves your immune system and your body’s ability to fight off diseases and basic illnesses. So during the winter, use your essential oils all you want, but during the summer, just open the door and go outside to improve your immunity!

Acquire New Hobbies

With so much to do outside there’s GOT to be something you enjoy doing outside! Is it gardening? Picnics? Mountain biking? Walking? Swimming laps? Running? Reading on the patio? Hiking? What is it?!?!

Do It While You Can

While at times I think “when is this heat going to end?” I know when the painstakingly cold winter falls I will be going stir crazy wondering why I did not take more advantage of being outside in my cutoffs and tank top.

Enjoy the outdoors EVERY summer and reap all the benefits it has to offer!