5 Best Personalized Groomsmen Gift Box Ideas

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Before we actually dive into what are the Best Personalized Groomsmen Gift Box Ideas, I think it is important that we establish exactly what is a Groomsmen Gift Box. Sounds pretty self explanatory right? Well you are right, because it is.

When I was engaged and preparing to get married, my now wife had asked me “What are you going to get your groomsmen as a gift? Or are you going to get them a box of stuff?” Having never heard of getting gifts for the guys was a thing, I was totally thrown off and she began to explain to me that most grooms with get their groomsmen a gift or gifts to say thank you for being there, showing their support, and to help them remember the experience by.

5 Best Personalized Groomsmen Gift Box Ideas

The answer to my question only produced more questions that I did not have the answers to.

When do I give it? Is there a specific way that I need to give it? Does it need to be personalized and have their name on it? A little overwhelming at first but I think I ended up doing a good job, with the help of my wife of course, and I’m going to help you answer a couple of those questions and give you my 5 Essentials for Groomsmen Gift Box.

When and How Do You Give It?

You have a couple of options of when you should give them their gift box or single gift.

If you are super prepared and on the ball, the first would be to give it to them when you are asking them to be one of your groomsmen. Before you do this though, I would suggest you know for sure that they will be able to make the wedding and be there for you. If not, you already spent time and money on item(s) that you won’t be able to give to them. If the gifts have been personalized, then you really might be out of luck and some money.

Your next option would be to give the guys their gifts the night before or at a bachelor party. This option works great if you are giving them a gift that you would like them to wear during the wedding the following day, because then they are less likely to lose it. A couple examples of these types of gifts would include matching ties, cufflinks, or wooden groomsmen watches.

If you are lucky enough to be having a destination wedding that seem to be growing in popularity, a great idea that we suggest would be to have their gift box waiting for them in their hotel room upon their arrival. What a nice surprise that will be for them when they arrive. If you are having a destination wedding, a great idea would be to include some items for them that relate to the location of the wedding.

Does It Need To Be Personalized?

When it comes to your gifts being personalized, it really depends on the type of groomsmen you have, and how much money you are willing to spend.

Are your groomsmen more refined and classy, lumbersexual, gamers, partiers or even sports fanatics?

Assuming that they fit into one of these categories, there are personalized items available that you can easily find that they would each enjoy. For example, if all your groomsmen like to go out and have a good time a personalized flask or whiskey glass might just be the perfect gift that will win them over. Or if they are a little more of the lumbersexual type, then a personalized axe or groomsmen wooden watches would for sure make them feel good about they decision they made to be one of your groomsmen on your special day.

Obviously a personalized gift is going to mean a little more to them and to you than something that doesn’t have a personal message, quote, or nickname on it. Either way they are going to love what you give them no matter what, and finding affordable groomsmen gifts that you can get quickly is a lot easier than you think these days.

Now that we have covered the how, why and when, it’s time for some ideas of actual gifts that you should include in your box or give to the groomsmen.

Here are the five best personalized groomsmen gift box ideas to help you win over your groomsmen.

  1. The Box. The box is going to be the first thing that they see and could really set the bar high for what is inside. You can find everything from a personalized metal box to a leather wrapped box or even a wooden box that has been engraved. Have the box be the last item that you purchase (or make) so that you can make sure that all of your items fit into it. You’d hate to have the perfect gifts picked out but the box that you already bought just hold everything.

  2. Wear During The Wedding/Ceremony.Include something that they can wear during the wedding or at least for the photos. A personalized watch is a great option for a groomsmen gift because it is something they will wear not only during the wedding, but most likely wear for a very long time in the future. A great reminder of the special occasion that they were part of. Take a look at our groomsmen watch engraving ideas post as for ideas of what to engrave on the back.

  3. Everyone Can Enjoy Together.Including something that all of the guys can enjoy together is a great idea. Some of the groomsmen may not know one another very well for various reasons, and to break the ice among them all it could be fun to include an item(s) that can be enjoyed by everyone at the same time. A great example of this could be personalized golf balls that could be used for a quick round of 18 holes.

  4. Used After The Wedding.The likelihood that some, if not all of your groomsmen could be traveling from far away to make it to the wedding is high. Including a gift that they can enjoy for a long time outside of the wedding festivities is a great way to say thank you for the sacrifices they made of their time and money to be there. Something as simple as a single blade knife, toiletry bag, or personalized leather wallet.

  5. Handwritten Note.Whether it is short and to the point, lengthy, or just filled with stories from the past, a handwritten note could be the best part of the entire gift box. It’s OK to be a little sentimental at times.

Whether you end up getting the guys one gift or a couple of gifts, they will still be there for you just the same to support you on your big day. We hope these tips help, because if you are reading this you are probably stressed enough as it is preparing for the big day and every little bit helps. Good luck, and congrats!

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