7 Unique Groomsman’s Gift Ideas They Will Love

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You’re getting married. Congratulations! It’s one of the biggest if not THE biggest day of your life. Show your best guys some appreciation and love with one of these unique groomsman gifts that surely will not be forgotten.

  1. Hershel Supply Co. ‘Novel’ Duffle Bag - This awesome weekender bag comes in a charcoal or navy color, with both hand and shoulder straps. It’s a good looking, low profile bag with functional pockets. This bag is big enough, but small enough to pass for a carry-on, which if you ask me, is amazing. Who wants to check a bag? If your groomsmen are coming from out of town, what better way to send them to your wedding but in style and with ease.

  2. Tmbr. Personalized Wood Watches - Tmbr makes handmade watches providing numerous high quality leather and wood options that are dressy and classy enough to complete any groomsmen ensemble. These watches are guaranteed to please your Groomsmen not only for use at the wedding, but everyday after that! This is a functional, fabulous gift. In addition, each and every one of Tmbr’s watches can be customized to your liking with your choice of engraving on the back.

  3. The Bradford Leather Wallet - Holtz Leather Co. brings you a simple, handmade, genuine leather wallet sleeve with enough pockets to fit a few cards and some cash. This sleek minimalist wallet will easily fit into your pockets, no matter how tight your pants are; CHA-CHING! This can be personalized or not, and the personalization is quite small and doesn’t take over the simplicity of the product.

  4. Ultimate Grilling Set - This 9-piece grill set is so practical; it comes with everything you might need to make your BBQ guests, and you, the grillmaster, happy. This set comes in a monogrammed canvas bag/carrying case that you can easily pack around. The reviews for this item are nothing other than 5 stars, this gift is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

  5. Tmbr. Wood Sunglasses - Getting married in the summer, spring, or fall? Having an outdoor wedding? If you are, this gift truly could not be more perfect. What a nice way to finish off the groomsman’s attire, + give your groomsmen something that will be worn for years to come after the wedding.

  6. Pottery Barn Border Jacquard Throw - A blanket for a man you say? Absolutely. In my experience men like blankets just as much or more than the women out there. This one is manly, a perfect size and a lovely color combination. If the groom wants to monogram them, it’s an option; that way no one will get away with stealing this cozy gift. If you want something similar but a little more affordable, try Pottery Barn’s Herringbone Throw.

  7. Personalized Tailgate Backpack Cooler - Yes! This really does exist. With your chair and drinks in tow you can always take the party with you to the next BBQ, birthday party, tailgate party, or just a day at the park. This item is made with high quality products and has numerous functional pockets for ultimate ease of use.

So, whoever your best men are, I hope one of these items on our unique groomsmen gift list fits their fancy. Happy Wedding!