Are Wood Sunglasses Comfortable?

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Have you ever owned a pair of wood sunglasses? It's an interesting idea and yes, they do look good, but you may be wondering, is wood a good material of choice for sunglasses? Are they bulky? Are you going to love the way they look but hate the way they feel? Have no fear! Tmbr's handcrafted, one of a kind eco-friendly polarized wood sunglasses truly combine function and fashion perfectly. And there is no shortage of options, in fact, you may find it difficult to choose with all of the colors, shapes, and wood/acetate/titanium combinations that we offer. BUT, all of our wood sunglasses have three things in common. Listed below are 3 reasons why wood sunglasses are comfortable. So, as you sport your wood sunglasses wherever you go, you will not only be killing it with your look, but our sunglasses will keep you feeling good all summer long.

  1. Wood Sunglasses Are Lightweight - Each style of our men’s and women’s wood sunglasses are a different weight depending on the wood thickness for your particular pair of choice. However, we incorporate other materials like acetate and titanium in our frames to ensure that each and every pair is lightweight and extremely comfortable on the face. Our handcrafted wood sunglasses make for a slim, almost weightless, pair of sunglasses and will pleasantly surprise you.
  2. Wood Sunglasses Are Smooth – Wood sunglasses are extremely smooth, soft and well-made from the hinges to the nose pieces. And I can guarantee you won’t get a single sliver from them, can you believe it?!? And the best part is, you certainly won’t have those obnoxious imprints on the sides of your nose even after wearing our wood sunglasses for hours on end, thanks to the comfortable wood nose pieces.
  3. Wood Sunglasses Fit Well On The Face – You may assume that wood is inflexible and that wood sunglasses might stick far off your face, have poor fitting ear pieces, or just be awkward to wear altogether. The handcrafted wood we use for our sunglasses does not result in a boxy and square fit. The wood is shaped to fit our un-square faces, believe it or not! The arms of the glasses round to land on your ears seamlessly and fit snugly, and the nose pieces rest against the nose comfortably and securely causing the frames to have a great overall fit to your face.

If after reading this you are still skeptical about wood sunglasses and if they really are that comfortable, I’d suggest this: find a pair or two that you like, order them, give them a try and if you disagree about the comfort level they provide, we offer a 90 day no questions asked warranty on our sunglasses (if they are returned in the original condition). Give it a shot, I have very high hopes that you won’t be disappointed.

Below are some of our most popular styles: