Get To Know The Artisan - David Powell

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How long have you been creating art? - I have been doodling for a long time. I drew on all of my stuff growing up, and doodled my way through most of my high school classes. But I didn't start taking it more seriously and develop a style until about three years ago. And I have been a freelance illustrator/graphic designer for the past year.

Where do you find your inspiration? - I find my inspiration mostly in the outdoors and through the activities that I do. I love camping, fly fishing, rock climbing and surfing, so my art reflects those activities and the places that you do them. I find a simple beauty in those pursuits, so creating simple illustrations that reflect them is a great way to pass the time when I can't be out there doing what I love. I am also often times inspired by other artists. When I see a great piece of art, it makes me want to go and draw for a couple hours.

How do you spend your free time? - Currently, my favorite way to spend my free time is surfing. Living in Minnesota, that means I have to keep my eye on the weather, track where storms are going, guess where on the great lakes there are gonna be waves, and then go and try to find some. I also love fly fishing. There are some great trout streams near me, so it is hard to beat being out on the river with my friends chasing trout. Rock climbing is another one of my favorite activities. I am terrified of heights, but for some reason I just love climbing. Climbing a desert tower with your friend will teach you a lot about yourself and your friendship.

Whats your favorite music? - I am all over the place with my music taste. I love old hip hop like A Tribe Called Quest, but I also love metal like Metallica (just their first four albums). But then to even it all out, I listen to some pop music like ABBA. But as of right now, I have been listening to a lot of Django Django, Animal Collective and Ratatat.

Pets? - My wife and I have an Australian cattle dog (blue heeler) named Trout. He is one year old, and a total nut. When he does finally calm down, he enjoys chewing his toys on my feet while I to work. It's awesome...