Get To Know The Artisan - Kory Miller

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How long have you been creating art? - I’ve been creating art ever since I was old enough to hold a brush. My first love was painting. Art is one of those things that transcends all ages, it has infinite possibilities, and I was hooked from the beginning. I graduated from college and have been creating professionally since then. You know you have found the right career when you job never feels like work.

Where do you find your inspiration? - The famous question…. The easy answer is everything from things I see during the day, to nature, all the way to how I am feeling that day. Honestly I think ideas come to me randomly and never in the same way. As much as I wish I had an endless surplus of inspiration and good ideas, often I sit at my desk for hours trying to think of great ideas till finally one meets me.

How do you spend your free time? - My favorite things in the world are exploring new coffee shops with my sweet wife, being active, and drinking beer with great friends. Additionally, I spend most of my free time day dreaming of ways to grow my business and thinking of new creative concepts.

Whats your favorite music? - Music is a key component to my work day. I typically start off my day listening to Indie folk, bands like Lord Huron, Leon Bridges, and the Lumineers. However, I am a sucker for 90’s punk. Once my day gets going I jam out. Just like designing, you have to flow with your mood listen to music that fits where the day is taking you.

Pets? - Sadly no, my wife has been begging me for a dog but we have yet to pull the trigger. If I were to pick up a dog tomorrow though it would be a Bernese Mountain Dog. I love huge dog breeds!

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