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The 9 Best Gifts For Woodworkers | For Every Budget

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Do you have a woodworker that you need to buy a present for? Not to worry. We have put together a list together of the best gifts for woodworkers that could include a husband, father, son, daughter or boyfriend. Buying a gift for a woodworker can be difficult because they seem to be very particular about their tools, brands, etc., and if you are not a woodworker yourself, then you might be a little overwhelmed buy the options that are available and what function of benefit they might bring to the person receiving the gift.

Best Gifts For Woodworkers

These gift ideas are in no particular order and we believe they are all good options.

  1. Leather Apron: They are not a true woodworker until they have a leather shop apron that they can wear around the woodshop. Not only is this handy for them, as it holds their pencil and other tools (depending on the one you buy), an apron helps keep them clean from wood glue, tree sap, and so many other things from working around in a woodshop. An apron, especially a leather apron, can help help keep them safe from cuts and splinters.

  2. Bench: A workbench is a pretty sacred area to some woodworkers. Each pencil, saw, and screwdriver has a specific place where they go after being used, and if something is missing or out of place, then they will let you know. So before you go looking to get them a new bench or organizers, make sure that it is big enough for them to store all of their current tools and future tools that they plan on buying for that special project.

  3. Magazine Subscription: The gift that keeps on giving every month for a year. There are a couple of popular wood working magazines that you could get them a subscription to to help them with new project ideas and techniques. We suggest Popular Woodworking as it covers a lot of topics and has a variety of content monthly.

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  5. Sign For Their Shop: Help them make their woodshop official if they haven’t already. Get them a custom sign that they can hang up above their bench or door, and the sign doesn’t even have to be made from wood. They might have a name that they have given to their shop like “Grandpa’s Sawtooth Workshop” or “Sammy’s Woodcraft” and with that custom sign you can show your support for their hobby and they will be sure to love it.

  6. Custom Shop Shirts: One of our personal favorite woodworking gift ideas is a custom shop shirt. If they don’t have a name for their shop, or logo, you could easily just have their name embroidered onto shirts. It is important to get work shirts that have pockets on the chest for carrying little items that they may need quick access to while working on a project.

  7. Real Wooden Watch: Help them not lose track of time with a watch made from their favorite material that they like to work with…wood. Our team at Tmbr has been selling wood watches for men since 2011 and is one of the premier wood watch brands on the market. We offer a variety of different styles from watches with lots of wood grain to more simple everyday watches for both men and women.

  8. Kreg Jig: One of our all time favorite tools is the Kreg Jig. The Kreg Jig is a must have tools to have for any woodworker and is a must have around the shop. It is an innovative tool that helps create better projects with pocket-hole joints. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry because the person you most likely will be buying this for does and they would love to have it. You can get them this gift for under $100 and it will save them a lot of time in the future and help them better their woodworking skills.

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  10. Chisel & Gouging Set: If they don’t have a chisel set already, then you are about to become the best gift giver, if you are not already. Having a fill Chisel set (also known as a Gouging Set) can go a long way for small and large projects. They are small tools but can really make a huge difference in adding detail and making pieces of wood fit nicely together. These chisels can be bought individually but having a full set is always nice to have. Make sure you buy something that is quality as these can last a very long time if taken care of and sharpened correctly. Quality is key with these little tools.

  11. A Project: You might be thinking “they don’t need another project to work on”, but giving a woodworker (at least in our case) to work on is a huge compliment and sign of trust. You are pretty much telling them that you trust their skills and ability to make something that you need instead of going out and buying that specific from the store or wherever. Talk about a gift that you will both enjoy. It could be as simple as a picture frame for a family photo or coffee table for the family room.