How Durable Are Tmbr Shockproof Wood iPhone Cases?

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TPU Material - Tmbr shockproof wood cases are made using what is called a TPU material, which is short for thermoplastic polyurethane. It is a hybrid material that is a mixture of soft and grippy silicone and hard/durable plastic. This give the phone case flexibility to allow you to snap your phone in & out of the case but still strong enough to help protect against drops and bumps.

Wood Backing - The wood backing on our shockproof cases are precisely cut to inlay into the grooves on the back of the TPU case. Each piece of wood is coated to help protect from drying out and cracking, but still age well over time and develop a unique patina.

Extra Lip For Screen Protection - We understand how important it is to have a lip on the front of the case to ensure protection for the screen of the phone. If you are like us, you like to leave your phone turned face down to see the beauty of the wood on the back of the case whether it has a custom engraved design or not. Without that lip on the front of the case, your phone would be lying face down on the screen.

Each Tmbr case has a small lip to raise the screen off the surface to keep it protected from scratches, debris and unwanted germs.

Camera Protection - There are a lot of phone cases out there that completely disregard keeping one of the most important features of your iPhone protected, and that is your camera. That is why we have developed our cases to give you the most coverage and protection without obstructing the camera view or restricting the full functionality of the flash.

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