How to Choose the Best Wallet For Your Husband or Boyfriend - 6 Easy Tips

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You know the man in your life needs a new wallet. (Though he may not admit it.) Whether is Velcro one is a little dated or his current wallet is barely holding together with duct tape, the time has come to go with something new. Well, which one are you going to choose? A basic Google search might make the task of finding the perfect wallet even more daunting. Don’t worry! We’re here to help you narrow your options and find the right wallet that will finally convince your significant other that it is time to ditch that antique that he can’t let go.

Best Wallet Style For Dad or Boyfriend

Below are 6 tips you need to keep in mind when selecting the perfect men's wallet.


Knowing the ins and outs of your special man is most likely going to be the most important thing when choosing a wallet. What are his likes and dislikes? It may not be about the specifics of the wallet that are critical but more about what type of person he is. Does he travel a lot? Does he carry cash? Does he carry an abundant amount of credit and debit cards? What kind of work does he do? Is he very professional? Is he rough on his current wallet? The amount of questions is endless when trying to size up which wallet would be best for him. If he loves his current wallet, it may just be time for a replacement with a similar design. If he is toting around every card, receipt and business card he has ever received, then it might be time for a new design. The point here being is to stop and think about him and what wallet would be beneficial to him and what he would actually use.


Stick with what has worked best for decades. The classic designs; bifold, trifold and card wallets are the designs that have been around the longest. There are endless variations of these wallets and there are more that are always popping up. These designs have withstood the test of time due to their construction and the design tend to work for most men. If the man in your life wants something that is crazy and unique, there is still a way to find something special that is within the confines of the classic wallet designs.


Da Vinci said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Don’t overthink the wallet. It is just a wallet and not a swiss army knife. Determine the amount of cards that your husband or boyfriend should be carrying and find a wallet that satisfies that. You may want an wallet that has a money clip, a closing zipper or a drivers license ID window but those should really be the most complicated parts of a modern day wallet.


The principle of, “you get what you pay for,” absolutely applies to your upcoming wallet purchase. If you go on the frugal side there is a pretty good chance that you will be going through this again in a relatively short period of time. This doesn’t mean that you should spend hundreds of dollars on the wallet either. There is a happy medium between the two. You want to look for something that is stitched very well and looks like it can handle a good beating. Men tend to be pretty rough on their wallets, so look for a wallet that has has both quality and longevity.

Best Wallet Type For Dad or Boyfriend


Material choices are vast when it comes to wallets. There is leather, plastic, carbon fiber, canvas and even duct tape that are all available material options. With an abundance of wallet materials available, you really can’t go wrong with a leather wallet. If you’ve done your homework and you know that the man in your life is looking for a specific material, then by all means go that direction. Safe to say that if you are unsure, leather is always your safest bet. People have been using leather for carrying personal items and currency for thousands of years so don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel when looking for a material.

Weight & Size

I’m just going to say it. Size does matter...when it comes to choosing a wallet. You could find the most beautiful ostrich leather wallet but if it is too big to fit into any pocket then what good is it. Where does your husband or boyfriend tend to carry his wallet? The pants back pocket and front pocket are the most common places for the everyday to be placed. The front pocket wallet is becoming ever popular now. No one really wants to be sitting on a wallet lump all day. Keep that in mind when you are looking at wallet options. The other part of it is the weight and bulkiness of the wallet. Constantly pulling a wallet in and out of your pocket if it weighs as much as a dumbbell is not something that anyone likes to do. And sitting on a thick wallet is not good for your back either. Make sure that the wallet is lightweight and can easily be removed from it’s normal resting place without it feeling like a hassle.

6 Tips For Choosing The Best Wallet

Well, do you think you’re ready to make your choice of wallets? Don’t make the decision more complicated than it should be. Think about what will benefit your husband or boyfriend most out of a new wallet and follow the principles that we have laid out here. Go for a classic and quality option that you know your special man will love. Good Luck!