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12 Essential New Dad Survival Kit Ideas

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There is so much anticipation, anxiety, excitement and even fear in becoming a new Dad with that first child, that it can be overwhelming at times. Everyone you know has given you their two cents and recommendations for things you “must” do because it worked for them or “Don’t buy that, you will never use it.” Trying to take it all in plus prepare yourself mentally and physically for becoming a daddy is a lot, so we wanted to at least set you in the right direction with some New Dad Survival Kit ideas we think every new Dad should have and the reasons why.

Let’s start with the basics to cover the needs of the baby:

Diaper Changing Kit

Men already get bad rap for not changing enough diapers so why not get them started in the right direction with his own diaper changing kit that is stocked with all of the necessities. To add a little more humor to this you could include some latex gloves and nose plug so he has no excuses to dive right in and change some diapers.


Keep daddy and baby engaged together with lots of good baby books. We suggest DADA by Jimmy Fallon to start but there are so many good ones that will help the baby with their fine motor skills, animal names, sounds and more.

Dad Approved Clothes

Boy or Girl, dressing them in cute clothes happens whether you like it or not, but a good suggestion especially for a new dad would be what we like to call “Dad Approved Clothes”. These can be onesies with their alma mater on them, funny quotes that other dads would get, or even some comfy matching sweats to match the man of the house. These types of clothes are great to give as a baby shower gift for new dads and always go over well.

New Dad Survival Kit - Clothes

Now that the basics have been covered, it is totally acceptable to have some items that help keep them comfy, relaxed and even keep them from going mildly insane during those late nights and early mornings.

Baby Cam

Surprisingly there are a lot of mixed feelings out there about having a baby cam but we say it is a must. Some people say that they will check it too much and worry because every movement or sound from the camera that something is wrong. He will quickly learn that for the most part they are just fine, but it is always good to be able to check on them. Imagine waking the baby up every time you go in to check on them because you hit that old creaky spot in the floor on the way into the room. You know what they say “never wake a sleeping baby” and there have never been more true words. Don’t let him find out the hard way.

Netflix / Hulu Subscription

For those first couple of weeks and months of the new baby there is going to be a lot of time spent indoors so what better time get a Netflix or Hulu subscription if they don’t have one already. Let them get hooked on a new show that they can even watch on their phone during those middle of the night feedings. Maybe that will make it a little easier for them to get up at 3am if they know they can finish that episode started the night before.

New Daddy Survival Kit - Subscription

Comfy Slippers

A good investment for his feet because once again, he will be spending a lot of time indoors in the first couple of weeks and months so why not let him fully embrace being a Dad with a fresh pair of comfy slippers. Just don’t let him out of the house with them on, we don’t recommend that.

Manly Diaper Bag

The number of options for women’s diaper bags are growing at a much faster rate than they are for men (totally understandable), but when daddy is on baby duty and they are making a trip to Lowes to buy a new drill, he doesn’t want to have to carry an over the shoulder flower bag with a big fluff ball keychain. Keep it simple with a small backpack stocked with just the essentials and then daddy will feel a little more confident heading out of the house.

Amazon Firestick

To go along with his new Netflix or Hulu subscription we suggest getting an Amazon Firestick for one very important reason, the voice control on the remote. He only has two hands and not enough time to scroll through all of the “suggested shows” on Netflix or let alone type in the name of the show he wants to watch. Just push the button, say what you want to watch, and you are back to holding the bottle or changing the diaper in seconds.

Peace & Quiet

Before you become a new parent this might not be one of your top priorities but it can quickly move to the top of your list after the baby arrives. This one makes the list as a suggestion to find activities where both parents can set aside time either together or apart for some well-deserved peace and quiet, and chance to gather your thoughts and recharge.

Coffee / Energy Stimulant

If he is a morning coffee drinker, or needs a frequent afternoon energy drink boost, now is the time to stock up on some supplies before the baby comes. He will find out quickly how little sleep he gets in a night yet will still need to be able to function at full capacity, whether he is staying at home with the child or going back to work.


Encourage Dad to capture every moment they can with baby because time flies and before you know it they are getting ready for their first day of school. Help him document all of the stages with a little help from a selfi-stick so that he is not cut out of every picture, although maybe he is trying to do that because of the bags under his eyes from no sleep the night before.

 Daddy Survival Kit - Photos

Nest Thermostat

Is the baby too cold, is the baby too warm? Save him some steps to the thermostat and some money by investing in a Nest Thermostat. Easily change the temperature of your living space from your phone.