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Parts of a Watch | Easy Guide To Watch Part Names and Styles

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When it comes to great watches, we know you want to tell the time and look good while doing it. You probably consider price points, wardrobe options and personal preferences like color and shape while shopping for a watch, but do you ever think about watch part names in your quest for the perfect fit?

You don’t have to be a jeweler or watchmaker to be interested in those wonderfully curious components. What’s that little knob on the side called, anyway? Is there a technical name for those extra loops on the band? Where on a watch could you track distance, speed or Greenwich Mean Time? Surely there’s a better term than “clear disc thingy” for that round piece on top.

Here at Tmbr, we’ve got the go-to guide that helps you talk like a watch pro at dinner parties, family gatherings and the sales counter:


Structurally, the dial is a flat surface just below the crystal. Aesthetically, it’s one of the more expressive parts of a watch. Adding soul and flair to a timepiece, a dial (or “face”) can be made from an array of eye-catching materials and features bar markers, Roman numerals or Arabic numbers for timekeeping. Each of our wooden dials is unique, crafted from carefully-chosen textures and grains that complement your personality.


Most watches have at least two hands — hour and minute — to indicate the time on the dial. While both hands can feature some degree of design, the hour hand is typically shorter than its counterpart. Specialty pieces such as timers and stopwatches have additional hands for “complications,” or other functions beyond those of a basic watch.

Watch Parts Diagram

Parts of A Watch


A protective component, the crystal prevents dust, dirt and other particles from settling into a watch’s dial and hands while allowing the wearer to see the time. “Crystal” may mean “plastic” for some watches even though the function is the same. Designed to fit slim watch profiles, our crystals are made from scratch-resistant glass that withstands daily use.


The case houses and protects a watch’s movement, or the inner mechanisms that power timepieces. Since durability is paramount, form often meets function with case material: Think stainless steel for business casual, plastic for sports and precious metals for dress. We choose the following natural wood varieties for the strength and style you need at home or work:

  • Cottonwood
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Rosewood
  • Sandalwood
  • Walnut
  • Zebrawood


Located at the 12 and 6 positions, watch lugs fasten a bracelet or strap to a case. Lugs can be drilled only on the inside or completely through to accommodate spring bars, which hold the strap in place. Lug width, or the distance in millimeters between two lugs, determines the size of a watch strap; therefore, it’s essential to get an accurate measurement of lug width before purchasing a replacement.


Round-edged or flat, the bezel is an exterior ring connecting a watch case to its lugs. Bezels differ by watch style but generally serve two additional functions:

  • Design: Plain and fluted bezels showcase historical watchmaking techniques. These bezels vary in thickness and sometimes features precious gemstones or other embellishments.
  • Technical: These bezels can be rotating or non-rotating and feature specialized scales that calculate distance, display Greenwich Mean Time or serve as racing timers. Divers, pilots and sailors use these types of bezels in their fields.


The crown is a small knob allowing a wearer to adjust the time on a watch. Found at the 3 position, the crown can be wound to restore watch movement or pulled outward to enable features like second and date indicators. Like other watch parts, crowns have their own range of styles and capabilities: Luxury watch crowns may include precious gems or other decoration while water-resistant watch crowns can be wound down into their cases for safe keeping.


A strap keeps a watch on your wrist and makes a statement while doing so. Versatile and often interchangeable, straps range from fine leather and metal to rubber, nylon and fabric. Parts of a watch band include the following components:

  • Buckle: Keeps the strap fastened to your wrist, usually with a folding or belt-type closure
  • Band: Comprised of two halves that each connect to a pair of watch lugs
  • Adjustment Holes: Create the ideal fit on your wrist when the band meets the buckle
  • Keepers: Loops that help keep extra band material flat against your wrist
  • Free Loop: An adjustable keeper that slides freely up and down the band

Our selection of straps includes fully adjustable mesh and leather options in a variety of colors that coordinate with our timepieces and match your every whim.

Watch Band Parts Diagram

Parts of A Watch Strap


Basic watches only tell time, but “complicated” watches go above and beyond. Additional features known as “complications” vary by movement type and are often found on the dial or bezel. Examples of complications include calendar and date windows, alarms and chimes, battery and power reserve indicators and secondary time dials. Many of our watch styles include calendar windows on artfully hewn wooden dials.


While not an exterior watch part, movement is housed within a watch case and bears mentioning as part of an entire timepiece. Movement as a whole is comprised of many small and interrelated parts; however, it falls into three main categories:

  • Automatic: This movement type uses only your wrist to keep it powered but requires constant motion to run properly.
  • Mechanical: Power for this movement comes from using the crown to wind the mainspring, which must be done every few days.
  • Quartz: This movement type requires a battery to create electrical vibrations that activate a piece of synthetic quartz, which generates watch power.

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