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28 Engraved & Personalized Gifts They Will Love Receiving

Posted by Tmbr on

If you want to make a gift a little more meaningful one of the best things you can do is to customize or personalize the gift you are giving them. Whether it is for an anniversary, birthday or just a random Wednesday then spending a little extra time choosing a gift that can be personalized for that special someone makes all the more difference.

I’ve compiled a lengthy list of items that you can purchase and add the extra special touch of personalization.

  1. Watch: An engraved watch can be the perfect gift for someone that loves watches or even struggles with being on time. A great option for men or women. You can very easily find a watch to engrave with a special date, quote or an inside joke. You can even engrave on a watch made from wood for that manly woodworker in your life.

  2. Plaque or Sign: Perfect type of item for a housewarming gift. You could add the family’s surname or you can never go wrong with the classic, Home Sweet Home.

  3. Picture Frame: Looking to commemorate a special event, like a birthday, baptism or wedding. Also works for memoriams or a child’s birth. An engraved picture frame is a perfect gift when you or friends or family want to remember a special day. This is a perfect memorable item when you aren’t sure what to give.

  4. Phone Cases: For the phone addict in your life or the techie boyfriend. (Or yourself for that matter) You can get a personalized phone case with a custom design, your name or even a simple phrase or quote. We are particular to these engraved monogram phone cases.

  5. Coffee Mug: Everyone has a favorite coffee mug to drink from. Why shouldn’t they be drinking from a mug that you bought them? A huge picture of their face or name right on the side really lets their coworkers know whose mug it is. The mantra of, the bigger the better, definitely applies.

  6. Cuff Links: Whether it is a son, brother or cousin, cuff-links are a perfect item for a future husband. They are an ideal gift for groomsmen or any special event in a man’s life. Keep it simple with just one or two initials engraved on each. A subtle statement is a stronger one.
  7. Tie Clip or Tie Bar: Like the cuff-links, an engraved tie clip is a simple item that can make a special event even more special. Great for Prom or Homecoming or Groom and Groomsmen gifts.

  8. Coasters: Those pesky water rings on the coffee tables can be resolved with a set of engraved coasters. A great housewarming gift or a simple gift that most anyone could use or enjoy. You could engrave a movie quote, a picture or a somber quote about how much you might hurt them if you don’t see them using one of the coasters.

  9. Cooking Utensils: Whether you know someone that is a butcher, chef or baker a set of custom kitchen cooking utensils or grill set might make the next gift you get them extra special. It could be a grill spatula for dad, a wooden spoon for mom or even a special knife for your significant other. Adding their name or way to show your appreciation for their cooking.

  10. Dopp Kit or Cosmetics Bag: A personalized dopp kit or cosmetics bag for the jet setter friend is a perfect way for someone to keep you fresh in their mind. They can take a piece of you wherever they go.

  11. Journal: The doodler or writer in your life might be more keen on drawing or writing in a personalized journal. A quote reminding them to do what they love goes a long way for someone that always has their head in a book.

  12. Pen and Pencil Set: If you don’t opt for the journal then a pen and pencil set is great. It is a perfect gift for working mothers and fathers who spend a lot of time writing or drawing. A pen has so much more value when it is a gift from someone you care about.

  13. Golf Balls: The golfer in your life will be devastated if they lose a custom golf ball with your face on it. You can get a company name, initials, a sports team or just about anything on a set of custom golf balls. When they shoot a great round with your custom balls

  14. Bracelet: A custom bracelet, for men or women, is very popular for an extra special piece of jewelry. It can be a beautiful piece that makes a statement but you can’t put a value on something that was designed or personalized just for them.

  15. Lighter: Smoking isn’t for everyone but anyone is going to enjoy lighting something with a custom lighter. You could use it to light candles or campfires. I’m not here to tell you how to use it, only that it’s a great idea for someone that is always looking for a light.

  16. Watch Box: “Time Is On My Side, Yes It Is” - even the Stones would agree that if you put a quote like this on a custom watch box then you’re sure to be the favorite gift giver. There are a lot engravable things that you can engrave on a watch box. Lots of space and room for you to be as lengthy in your expression as necessary. Might even go great with a custom watch mentioned earlier.

  17. Dog Tags: Military men and women don’t really enjoy shiny and fancy necklaces. Custom dog tags for each of you is the modern day Best Friends necklace you had when you were a kid. Each of you can have your own and wear it close to your hearts.

  18. Wallet: Money, Money, Money! If they have to carry a wallet and cash with them then they might as well have it be customized to their liking and with their name on it. Make sure to find a wallet based upon how they use a wallet now. If they don’t like big and bulky make sure you find them a minimal wallet.

  19. Beer Mug: Sipping your favorite beverage, beer or otherwise, from a mug that has sentiment makes it even more enjoyable. It’s a great way for your significant other to enjoy that autumnal IPA or the classy PBR. Be sure to customize it with their name, sports team or a friendly reminder of how awesome they are.

  20. Rings: Engraved rings were one of the original ways to make a moment even more special. Obviously, these are great for wedding rings, engagement rings and anniversaries. Having an engraved name on the inside or outside of a ring is such a simple, yet powerful, reminder of a special someone.

  21. Key Chain: You can guarantee a custom key-chain is something that your husband or wife will have with them at all times. I personally carry a key-chain that has all the important dates in my life like my anniversary date and children's birth dates. It is such a simple way to always have a special memento with me at all times.

  22. Money Clip: If traditional wallets aren’t what that special person in your life is looking for...a custom money clip might just be what they need. They come in different metals, plastics or wood materials. A simple monogram of initials or a quote is the perfect touch to something that they will always carry with them.

  23. Pocket Knife: Anyone that loves the outdoors or whittling away at a stick is particular about the knife that they are using. Get a custom pocket knife that has extra special meaning. Definitely a good option for a young Boy or Girl scout, dads and grandpas that spend their time sitting out on the front porch, or any tradesmen or farmer. Someone that is always carrying a knife might as well have a reminder of a special person or moment in their pocket.

  24. Cutting Board:A custom cutting board can serve as a display piece or a functional tool for the kitchen. Great as a wedding gift, housewarming gift or something that a foodie can enjoy. There are endless sizes, shapes and types that a cutting or carving board could work for most anyone.

  25. Piggy Bank: Old or young, everyone needs to save some money for a rainy day. No better way to reinforce the good habit of saving than a custom engraved piggy bank. Choose a phrase or quote that will make sure they think real hard before smashing it open.

  26. Baseball Bat: A custom Louisville Slugger bat is the perfect gift for a sports nut or even a little kid who is aspiring to “make it to the bigs” one day. Some sellers offer custom colors and bat names to make even more personal.

  27. Name Plate: Sometimes the boss needs a way for others to know who is in charge. A name plate with a nickname or just, “The Boss”, might do the trick. When something is there to spell it out in plain letters then no one has to question.

  28. Holiday Ornament: A great way to remember every significant holiday is with a personalized ornament. It could be a First Christmas or Birth Year. You can remember those years past with a custom ornament for you, a friend or a loved one.