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12 Best Teacher Retirement Gifts For Every Type of Teacher

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We all have that one special male or female teacher in your life that made difference and impacted you for the better. For some it may have been a middle school teacher that took a little extra time with you to understand a subject. Or maybe a high school teacher that also got you involved in after school activities like sports or a club. If you think long enough we are sure you can think of at least one or maybe many teachers that had a large or small impact on your life.

Teachers don’t always get the credit they deserve for their lifelong service, long hours and when it comes to retirement, and of course before, we believe they should be celebrated for everything they do. How do you celebrate and what do you buy as a gift for a retiring teacher? We have put this article together to help you answer that question, and specifically help find that perfect teacher retirement gift or at least help you generate some new ideas that you didn’t think of before.

Depending on the type of person they are will obviously effect the type of gift you are going to get them so we have included a mix of funny, sentimental, handmade, and must have gifts for retirement.

12 Best Teacher Retirement Gift Ideas For Men & Women

  1. Collage of all of their yearbook photos – This would obviously take some major effort & time but the finished product could be very funny or sentimental to see how they have changed over the many years of teaching.

  2. T-Shirt/Mug/Sign with Funny Quote – There are endless amounts of funny sayings for retiring teachers that you could get put on a shirt. For example, we have included a few below:
    • “School is out forever”
    • “Retired Teacher. Let the Recess Begin.”
    • “Goodbye Tension. Hello Pension.”
    • "Goodbye Lesson Plan. Hello Sun Tan.”

  3. Favorite Memories from Past Students – This one will for sure pull at their heart strings. Reach out to 5, 10 or even 20 of their old students that they have had throughout the years and ask them if they could give their favorite memory the retiree. The memory doesn’t even have to be long, it is the though that counts.
  4. Teacher Retirement Gifts - Memories

  5. Favorite Memories from Teachers/Administration – Same as the above but from the teachers and administration that has been with them for many of the years they have been a teachers. These are people that most likely know them better than any of the students because they have been with them for years.

  6. Something Engraved – Get them something that is engraved that they will use everyday that has a sentimental quote, date, or something that relates to their time spent being a teacher. A couple of ideas that come to mind is a nice stainless steel coffee mug, engraved watch, pen, necklace, or metal bracelet.

  7. Write Them a Thank You Card – A simple yet heartfelt and great gift that anyone could give and could even go along with a present that has been bought. Sometimes it is easier to express your gratitude and appreciation writing it down than it is saying it out loud.

  8. Help Them Relax – To get them started on their retirement and onto a new and hopefully more relaxing schedule you could put a basket of smaller items together that will help them adjust to their new lifestyle. A couple items could include:
    • Some Books
    • Starbucks Gift Card
    • Bath Soaps + Candle
    • Favorite Treats (Candies & Chocolates)
    • Comfy Slippers
    • Soft Monogrammed Blanket
    • 1-Year Netflix Subscription
  9. Teacher Retirement Gifts - Relaxing Gifts

  10. Throw Them a Party – Surprise party or not, throwing a party would be a great idea to bring all of the people together that the retiree has worked with, including students. A great way to send them off into teacher retirement with reminiscing about the past ‘X’ amount of years and what their plans are for their relaxing retirement.

  11. iPad or Kindle – Purchasing an iPad or Kindle alone may be pushing the budget a little bit but if you could get a couple of people to pitch in on this gift, it is something they would for sure enjoy. Great for English teachers that enjoy reading if they don’t already have one.

  12. Personalized Golf Balls – If they are a golfer they most likely will be doing a lot of golfing with all of their new found free time, and to help them get started you could get them a couple sleeves of personalized golf balls. You could put their nickname, “Enjoy Retirement”, etc. and they would love the thoughtful and helpful gift.
  13. Teacher Retirement Gifts - Golfing Gifts
  14. Subscription – If they have a hobby like cooking or exercising there are subscription boxes for everything these days and giving them a subscription box that will send them items every month for them to enjoy could give them something to look forward to and help them fill their time.

  15. Tickets to a Concert/Event – Typically once it is time to retire the retiree has the majority of material possessions they want, so why not get them something that they might not typically get for themselves. For example, you could get them tickets to a concert, sporting event, or even a bunch of movie passes that they will be sure to use.

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