The Best Cheap, Clean and Fun Bachelor Party Ideas

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Getting married is a major, life-changing step, and it is absolutely appropriate to mark this significant transition with one final hurrah with friends. However, the Hollywood vision of the bachelor party as an evening of drunken debauchery is cliché, not very classy, and could lead to trouble with the bride, the other groomsmen, the police, etc. Moreover, either the groom or the other groomsmen may be restricted from drinking for personal or religious reasons. You want everybody to be able to have a fun time at the party, and we are here to help. Here are some clean bachelor party ideas, listed from roughly the least expensive to the most expensive. Alcohol is optional for each of them, and each is likely to be memorable…for the right reasons.

Game Night.There are all sorts of options for game night. Depending on the groom's preferences, you can do board games or video games…or even both! If there are five or more groomsmen, look for party games that can accommodate a large number of players so that everyone can participate. Some common party games have slightly risqué variations to push everyone a little out of their comfort zones and get everyone laughing. If video games are more your thing, or if you don't want to stay in for the evening, consider taking everyone out to an arcade. Allow the groom to feel like a kid again before taking on the full responsibilities of adulthood.

Karaoke.Music has the power to help us to re-experience good times, so singing together as a group is a great way to relive old memories as well as create new ones. If you don't want to go to a bar, some karaoke establishments will rent out private karaoke rooms for a few hours. You could also rent a private room and hire a karaoke service, or you could buy or rent a karaoke machine and set it up in someone's home. If you're really strapped for cash, you could always go to a bar on an off night when it is less crowded. Many bars have karaoke nights during the week, and you could call ahead to see which night tends to be the least busy.

Paintball.Paintball is an inexpensive and fun bachelor party idea, and if the wedding planning process has been stressful for the groom, it'll give him the opportunity to vent some frustrations by trying to splatter his buddies with paint pellets. Paintball is the most fun in a group, and most venues will offer some sort of discount or group rate which will include all the gear you need.

Archery Range.A few hours at an archery range makes for an unusual as well as inexpensive bachelor party experience that will allow the groom to feel masculine while learning a new skill at the same time. Most of your party probably will not own their own bows and arrows, but equipment rental is offered at most archery ranges. The archery range is a good non drinking bachelor party option; needless to say, alcohol and sharp flying projectiles don't mix.

Cheap Bachelor Party Ideas - Archery

Escape Room.Escape rooms are a popular trend for group outings and team building exercises. Your group is locked in a room and have an hour or so to solve a series of logical-thinking puzzles in order to unlock the room and escape. If the groom is feeling nervous about taking the plunge, this will give him a chance to work out his anxieties, or at least take his mind off things for a while as he concentrates on solving the puzzles. If some of the groomsmen don't know each other very well, this is also a good opportunity for them to get to know each other as they work together to find the solution.

Camping Trip.Taking a weekend camping trip is a way to commune with nature and bond with friends both old and new. There are a myriad of things to do outdoors, so the trip can be customized according to the groom's wishes: hiking, fishing, hunting, and canoeing are all valid options. If you're willing to really rough it by sleeping in tents, campsites are exceptionally cheap. If you'd prefer some homelike amenities, a couple of camping cabins that typically sleep four or five adults can be rented for less than 100 dollars a night in some areas. The quiet serenity of the mountains, forest, or desert, uninterrupted by smartphones and other technological devices, is just the thing to help decompress from the stresses of wedding planning.

Cheap Bachelor Party Ideas - Camping

Beach House.Then again, maybe the groom would prefer a trip to the ocean for a weekend getaway. In that case, renting a beach house for the weekend is often a more affordable option than renting one or more seaside hotel rooms, especially if all the groomsmen chip in to cover the cost. A beach house will also afford you more privacy than you would have in a hotel crowded with other guests.

Skiing.A good seasonal choice would be a weekend at a downhill skiing resort. For those who don't already own skis, equipment is usually available for rent, and lessons are usually offered for newbies. Actual skiing is optional, however; those who don't wish to ski can relax back at the lodge. When you call to book the weekend, ask about group discounts.

Cheap Bachelor Party Ideas - Skiing

While you're having fun planning the bachelor party, don't forget the gifts. Regardless of whether you need party favors or groomsmen's presents, Tmbr has unique gift ideas for all members of the wedding party.