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Wholesale / Bulk Pricing Wooden Watches

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wooden watches wholesale

Interested in purchasing more than 1 Tmbr. watch? We don’t blame you. We offer very competitive pricing on all of our wood watch styles. Whether you are interested in buying bulk wood watches for your groomsmen gift, or to sell at your boutique shop, we offer competitive pricing.

Buying Tmbr wooden watches wholesale allows you to get better pricing on our handcrafted wood watches than when just purchasing 1. If you qualify to sell our wood watches, we will provide you with different pricing tiers depending on the quantity that you are interested in purchasing. When buying in bulk for wholesale, corporate/wedding gifts, we do provide a durable watch box that holds our watches securely and for retail settings.

All Tmbr. handcrafted wooden watches are inspected by our team and come with a 6-month manufacturer warranty. We use only the best materials in all of our watches from the scratch resistant mineral glass, down to the genuine and soft leather straps.

If you are interested in having your bulk order custom engraved for whatever the occasion might be, we are happy to provide pricing for that as well. If you are interested in buying for wholesale, please fill out the form at the link below and we will be in contact with you.

Our team looks forward to speaking with you!

Fill out the form HERE for more information.